Our Story

Dave Kierski moved to Goldsboro, NC in 1998 with his family, which at the time consisted of he, his wife, and two sons.  The family traveled from Anchorage, Alaska to Goldsboro in May of that year after having lived in Alaska for three years.  Dave came to Goldsboro to be a flight instructor in the F15-E Strike Eagle at Seymour Johnson AFB.  After flying at Seymour Johnson for three years, Dave decided that United Airlines seemed like a good opportunity for he and his family.  Dave got checked out in the Boeing 737 in March of 2001 just a few months before September 11th, 2001.

Dave had the bright idea of starting Kierski and Sons, Inc. in the fall of 2001 after being furloughed from United Airlines.  His plan was to build homes in Wayne County while he waited for United Airlines to call him back to his job.  Over the next few years, Kierski and Sons Inc began doing large scale additions and remodeling projects.  The company also had the opportunity to do a good bit of commercial construction in Wayne County.  Our goal is to stay close to home and not travel for work.

Over the years, Kierski and Sons has had a number of employees.  Two in particular have put in many years of service with the company.  If you give us a call for your project, you might just get to meet Ray and Charles too.